Dear customers, please pay attention to our work schedule:

Mon-Fri: 09AM to 6PM UTC+2

Sat, Sun: weekend.

If you need to tell us something urgent after 18:00 and before 9:00 or on weekends, you can always message us via the feedback form, Whatsapp or send a letter.

All Ayurvedic and herbal remedies presented in our store are not medicines of allopathic medicine. Mostly, it considered as food supplements that can be used only as a supplement to the diet. All information on the treatment of diseases with these products is based on the knowledge of Ayurveda, phytotherapy and nutrition and can only be used for reference.

Shelf life (expiry) of products that we send to customers:

You can see the expiry date in the product card. In any case, we send our buyers products only with good shelf life. Products with appropriate dates (less than 2 months before the expiration date) and expired we put on sale with the indication of expiry date and never send to customers without approval.

Appearance of products:

Sometimes labels have a slight abrasion, and the boxes may be a little crumpled. The products travel a very long distance and two customs before they reach us. And, unfortunately, it do not always come in perfect condition. Our vendors pack it as well as possible, but this does not always preserve the original appearance.

In case the appearance of the label has significantly deteriorated (dirty, badly worn or torn) or the box is very crumpled, we put such a product on sale with the reason and never send it to buyers without approval.

Manufacturers regularly change the design of labels. We change the image on our site, but it is not always possible to do it quickly. Please, before you start to worry :), look at the name of the manufacturer of the product listed in the bank and compare with what is listed on the website. If they do not match, you still do not need to worry :) - call us back. In case of an error (very rare, but it happens), we will replace the product at our own expense.

Our store has a cumulative system of discounts:

1% - upon reaching the total amount of orders UAH 1 000.
2% - for the total amount of orders over UAH 3 000.
3% - for the total amount of orders over UAH 7 000.
5% - for the total amount of orders over UAH 15 000.
7% - with a total amount of orders over UAH 25 000.

Discount is accrued by phone number. You don't need to register on our website!

We offer the following order delivery options:

- Standard airmail by the Ukrposhta (postal service of Ukraine) (14-20 days).

- Expedited EMS delivery (7-14 days).

We have several options for order payment:

- Payment by credit / debit card MasterCard / Visa *

* To ensure your maximum security, payment is made on the website of the largest bank of Ukraine - Privatbank. We do not store your card details.

- Order payment using the Skrill electronic payment system.