Our store has been operating since 2012 and has earned the trust of numerous customers over this time.

Since 2020, we have been shipping ayurvedic medicines worldwide and already have many loyal customers in Europe, America, and Australia.

As of today, we have built a wide range of highly effective medicines from the best manufacturers in India and Sri Lanka.

Here are our advantages:

   - We approach our work professionally; all medicine descriptions are based on classic texts and comments from honorable indian ayurvedic doctors. You can be sure that the properties of the medications are exactly as described.

   - We import medications ourselves; we have regular suppliers who are official dealers of the factories (with some factories, we work directly). This allows us to be confident in the quality of the medications we offer.

   - We pay very close attention to the quality of the medicines we carry, and in case of complaints from customers, we simply remove such manufacturers from our assortment.

   - We have created our own brand Amrit Veda, medicines for it are produced by companies that have consistently proven themselves with high quality and efficiency of production. This way, we can offer you truly quality medicines at a good price.

   - Soon we will add another unique advantage that you will be thrilled about! :)