Chyavanprash is the best known tonic for health with a very broad spectrum of action. He has a strong immunomodulatory effect, improves digestion, helps with joint pain, normalizes blood pressure, balances metabolism, strengthens the immune and endocrine system, preserves tissue young, and the brain alert and active, regulates the activity of the digestive of the intestinal tract.

Chyavanprash – the oldest product of Ayurveda, known for over three thousand years. He is the best known and most trusted tonic for health. The first mention of chavanprash refers to the second Millennium ad. The recipe was first recorded by sage Caracas in his Charaka Samhita around the IV century BC

Chyavanprash is part of the Indian culture of health is a kind of symbol Ayurveda. In India, every self-respecting Ayurvedic pharmaceutical the company produces Vitamins.

Chyavanprash is a sweet-spicy soft camobreco mass dark brown in color. The basis of it is the pulp of the Amla, the a rich source of vitamin C in nature. The juice of Amla is 20 times more than the content of vitamin C in orange juice.

Pharmacological action: improves metabolism, tonic, rejuvenator.


Low the immune system, all kinds of acute and chronic respiratory diseases, tuberculosis, heart diseases, diseases of the genitourinary system, violations of spermatogenesis, PMS, infertility.


Bilwa (Aegle marmelos), Agnimantha (Premna corymbosa), Shyonaka (oroxylum indicum), Gambhari (Gmelina arborea), Patala (stereospermum suaveolens), Bala (sida cordifolia), Mashaparni (Teramnus labialis), Mudgaparni (Vina trilobata), Prishnaparni (Uraria picta), Shalaparni (Desmodium gangeticum), Pippali (Long pepper), Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris), Brihati (solanum indicum), kantakari (solanum xanthocarpum), karkata Shrungi (pistasia integerrima), Taamalaki (phyllanthus fraturnus), Draksha (dry grapes), jeevanti (Leptodenia reticulata), Pushkara(Inula racemosa), Agaru (Aquilaria agallocha), Hareetaki (Terminalia chebula), Ruddhi (Habenaria intermedia), Jeevaka (Microstylis muscifera), Vrishabhaka (Microstylis wallichi), Shati (Hedychium spicatum), Musta (cyperus rotundus), Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa), Meda (Polygonatum cirrhifolium), Ela (Elettaria cardamomum), Chandana (Santalum album), Utpala (Nymphaea stellata), Vidari (Ipomea modeling), Vrushamula (Adhatoda vasica), kakoli (Lilium poilyphyleum), Kakanasika (Martynia diandra), Amla, Sugar.


Make 15 minutes before food or between meals. Adults – 1 tsp two times a day before meals. Children 2 to 6 years – 1/2 tsp. twice a day before meals. Can be recommended for constant use. When influenzal conditions, the dosage can be increased.

Contraindications: when diabetes be taken with caution as chyawanprash contains enough a lot of sugar, acute and chronic nephritis and pyelonephritis, gastritis with dramatically high acidity and allergic to honey.

Side effects: no.

Original name:

Chyavanprash, 500 grams Golden Chakra.

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This remedy is not a product of allopathic medicine. Mostly, it considered as food supplement that can be used only as a addition to the diet. All information on the treatment of diseases with this product is based on the knowledge of Ayurveda, phytotherapy and nutrition and is not confirmed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health or other competent organizations and can only be used for reference.

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