Quite often we are asked about how safe Ayurvedic medicines containing ashes of heavy metals.

1. The first year we hear that the Ayurvedic preparations made for the domestic Indian market is dangerous for health as they contain heavy metals. Where does this info we don't know, but I can say one thing. You need not be afraid of heavy metals and fertilizers and herbicides. Plants used to produce drugs for a long time not harvested in forests and meadows. They are grown in the fields. What fertilizers and in what quantities used by farmers for best crop, nobody knows.

In terms of used raw materials manufacturers of Ayurveda can be divided into several types:

- Large plants making drugs for the domestic market and for export. These manufacturers control the quality of the supplied materials. Their drugs you can buy without worrying about the quality of raw materials. Such manufacturers include, for example, the company Himalaya, Baidyanath.

- Plants of medium size. These plants are quite many and among them are a very good company, and still just "zarabativali money." Many manufacturers of medium size say that have their own field, but about realizing the volume of production, it is very difficult to imagine the size of these fields. However, if the plant strictly adheres to the formula with the release of the drugs it can be assumed that the quality of the raw materials for them is equally important. Such companies include Arya Vaidya Shala, Nagarjuna, Vidyaratna.

- Small factories or clinic. Such manufacturers in India hundreds, maybe thousands. The quality of raw materials, as well as the quality of the drugs they may be quite different. From excellent to "what you want" :). However, if the plant belongs to the doctor or clinic and make preparations for their patients, most often the drugs has to be good. Typically, these producers have their regular suppliers of raw materials.

In any case, You can always conduct a little investigation in Google or at least look at the site of interest of the manufacturer to understand what it is.

2. No less urgent is the question of security of drugs, which include heavy metals or minerals that are dangerous to health in its purest form. Lately many articles have been written about the dangers of Ayurvedic medicines containing metals. First and foremost, we are talking of course about mercury, although in Ayurveda uses of ash and other minerals or metals. We will not comment on these articles, let it remain on the conscience of their writing.

About 40% of Ayurvedic medicines contain different minerals and about 25% - heavy metals. You need to understand that they are not used in pure form and in the form of specially processed evils. The same mercury, for example, fired more than a day in a sealed vessel at very high temperatures. Part medications is a mixture of the ash of mercury and sulfur. This compound is used in Western medicine (mercury sulfide).

India repeatedly conducted studies of health effects of preparations containing ash heavy metals. These studies were conducted by different laboratories and organizations. The Internet has enough of such information. Here you can read about one of these studies Makardhwaj VATI (containing ash for mercury, gold and sulfur). Though in English, but Google translator can help if necessary. Generally this resource a lot of research on various Ayurvedic drugs and do research, including studies about the dangers of metals).

A brief summary of the example: the lab rats for 28 days gave a 5-fold dose Makardhwaj VATI (approximate dose humans). During this time, changes in behavior and motility of experimental rats was observed. At the end of this period was tested on mercury content in brain, liver and kidneys (the organs most affected by exposure to heavy metals). The content was a little higher than the original values, but does not exceed (5-fold excess dose). The composition of the blood also did not differ from the original.

The aim of this article is only the desire to share with you the information that we have, since such questions we are asked frequently and more often on set.

All legal plants in India are certified by GMP, they are followed by the state, but the truth is, the quality and fidelity of the formulations depends on the producers themselves, their responsibility and integrity (alas, often it is not so, and sometimes not so).

All we can do is to bring the drugs from only those manufacturers who, in our view, a responsible attitude to their work, for which their good name and reputation matters.

And all what You can do is to seek and find answers to questions if you have doubts or not understanding something.

Be healthy!